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We deliver positive experiences that inspire

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'You've reignited my passion to try new strategies,

be creative and try new things. Thank you.'

Deansbrook School, Mill Hill, London

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We immerse people in a sonically rich environment

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'Exceptional. Everyone gains so much.' 

Sharon Gray, OBE

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We value the individual response

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'Fun, enjoyable and natural...

just as we want the writing process to be for our children!

Thank you so much.'

St Joseph’s School Haywards Heath

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We create a dynamic learning space

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'Incredibly inspiring! So many new ideas. 

One of the most engaging and useful courses I have been on.'

Blackthorns Academy, Haywards Heath

What is Write Inspired?

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Write Inspired develops the skills involved in the generation of ideas. This is often the biggest barrier to writing - not knowing what to write about. It inspires people to want to write and be fully engaged in it. It opens up a world of new thinking, building confidence and enjoyment even in the most reluctant writers. It develops the creative process itself moving students beyond the blank page.

The Write Inspired Course

Write Inspired - Going beyond the blank page. A short film giving an overview of the acclaimed course on offer.

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Sounds volume 1 Out Now

A volume of 50 unique specially composed sounds with full instructions to ignite the imagination.

'Absolutely fantastic. I have never felt so engaged in a talk in my life.'

In house CPD

Write Inspired offers unique in house CPD. It enables teachers to see it at first hand and get involved. Most schools start with the 3 day 'Introduction to Write Inspired' which includes a twilight Inset. Turn on Javascript! or visit the projects page

Inset & Courses

Write Inspired can be booked as a full day Inset.