What people say

Here are the thoughts from teachers, parents and pupils about Write Inspired

'Brilliant - inspirational!'

'Motivational, inspiring, well paced, entertaining, a new approach.'

'An inspiration...'

Teachers EPG Primary School, Kuwait - Inset day

'Inspirational and exciting training. Loved it.'

'You've reignited my passion to try new strategies, be creative and try new things. Thank you.'

'Excellent Inset - very inspiring for a difficult class. Thank you.'

'Full of inspirational ideas.'

'Inspirational and clear'

'Enlightening and informative.'

'Fabulously interactive session with lots of food for thought.'

'Thought provoking. It's what teaching should all be about. Thank you.'

'Useful, creative, inspiring and refreshing.'

Deansbrook School Teachers

'...brightened up my day and made me realise not to be frustrated when you can't do something.'

Blackthorns Primary Yr 4

' It helped me open my mind to new ideas.'

' I learnt to let out my feelings.'

'All lessons should be like that. I learnt to think outside the box...'

' I normally can't think of many ideas but now I have loads...'

' Brilliant - everything was brilliant. '

Blackthorns Primary Year 4