What people say

Here are the thoughts from teachers, parents and pupils about Write Inspired projects, sessions and courses.

'Absolutely fantastic. I have never felt so engaged in a talk in my life.'

Teacher EPG Primary School, Kuwait Inset day

'A truly amazing day. I feel really inspired!!'

Teacher ,William Martin School, Harlow

'A truly inspiring day.'

'Amazing, inspiring - loved every minute.'

'Incredible! Thank you!'

'Engaging. Exciting. Informative. Taken away loads of ideas. Thanks a bunch!'

'Fantastic learning experience with truly creative ideas for inside and outside the classroom. Great interaction, funny and engaging.'

Teachers comments on courses...

' It helped me open my mind to new ideas.'

' I learnt to let out my feelings.'

'All lessons should be like that. I learnt to think outside the box...'

' I normally can't think of many ideas but now I have loads...'

' Brilliant - everything was brilliant. '

Blackthorns Primary Year 4