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Here are the thoughts from teachers, parents and pupils about Write Inspired

'I have a class of very diverse abilities - but these workshops brought them all to an equal place; the most able were able to draw upon their wide vocabulary but the less able were able to use words - maybe make up words - to eloquently express and convey their ideas in an uninhibited and respected way.'

Chris Belinger, Teacher, Bromley High School

'Key things I’ll take away - remember how much pressure is put on kids to meet expectations - be open and positive. You’ve given me the confidence to go outside the norm.'

JSL delegate

'These three days were amazing. I learnt so many different techniques to find ideas which was great. I learnt how to express myself in the classroom.'

Ellie, Age 12

'Philip is a truly inspirational practitioner. Through a dynamic, multisensory approach, he elicits ideas, language and vocabulary to enable children to create outstanding stories, poems and compositions.' Emma Essex, Deputy Head

Emma Essex, Deputy Head, Netherfield Primary School